Coppermill lane: E17s true ‘cycle super highway’

The fact that Waltham Forest has no route earmarked as one of the Mayor of London’s cycle super highways may not be such a bad thing given all the criticism they raise.

However, if you want to experience mass commuter cycling without the need of any infrastructure, come to E17s Coppermill lane. The modal share for cycling in the morning peak must be one of the best in London.

Granted the main reason for this may be that it is a dead end road for motor traffic and in any case a minor road. Another reason may be the dreadful conditions on alternative routes (Ferry lane and Lea Bridge road).

But hey, who is to complain. Use Copper mill lane, glide down to the Walthamstow Marsh nature reserve, take a deep breath and see how great London can be for cycling.

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