Waltham Forest Cyclists organised a grand tour de Art Trail and several shorter étapes.
After last year’s success the E17 Art Trail teamed up again with Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign to offer its trail blazers a cycle tour. This year also saw the first edition of daily étapes, shorter evening rides aimed at homecoming commuters.
Cycling about our business, commuting to Central London and campaigning against barbaric car drivers we often don’t realise that art and culture can lurk behind the corner, even in Walthamstow.
The E17 Art Trail is in its sixth year now and bigger than ever: 200 listings with 1200 participating artists in 100 venues scattered throughout the postcode, from established galleries through pubs, studios, schools, to private homes which artists opened to the public for ten days. These numbers are remarkable. Daunting – yes, but inviting to take another look at E17, come inside. That’s why this year’s theme of the festival was Welcome to Walthamstow.
WFCC wanted to help the artist welcome cycling art lovers by focusing on hard-to-reach venues away from the town centre and other clusters. The grand tour visited 18 locations in one afternoon and there was enough time to savour the art, talk to the artists over wine, stop for ice cream and, naturally, cycle. The weekday étapes were limited to an hour and no more than five destinations.
The extraordinary thing was that the Art Trail also helped cyclists. At the end of the rides someone always remarked what a new take on Walthamstow this was, how amazing it is that so many talented, sensitive, and open people live just round the corner. A short ride away. Welcome to Walthamstow.

The grand tour is slowly assembling. Selbourne Walk, Walthamstow.
Jason Hawkridge told us about his Brazilian Flowers and guarded the bikes whilst we looked around. High Street, Walthamstow.

Some exhibitions were impossible to miss. Treea Cracknell adorned a tree in her front garden. Farnborough Avenue, Walthamstow.
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