Fat Boy Ride

Congratulations to everyone who helped organise or made the effort to ride the Fatboy’s Diner Ride on Sunday – Chapeau (as the French say). The dull, damp, cold morning didn’t look too inviting but as Tony said to me as we left Walthamstow Town Square – you never regret making the effort to go for a ride 🙂

We had a good turn out with a good balance of new and familiar faces (and wheels, including a very nice vintage tandem). I was particularly pleased to discover that I’m not the only WFCC member north of the great A406 divide!

The route there was interesting, with the familiar trip down Coppermill Lane and across the marshes. We passed the now closed Eastway Cycle Circuit on Hackney Marshes before getting back on the River Lea and passing the Olympic site. After negotiating the Bow Flyover we passed Three Mills (worth a visit in its own right sometime) through the Bow Creek Ecology Park (with the cycle superhighway in sight) and then reached Trinity Wharf for a feast fit for a King – well hungry cyclists at least. The proprietor, while occasionally frayed, juggled the mass of orders (including ‘seconds’) with aplomb.

One of the many nice things about the annual trip to the Fatboy’s Diner is meeting up with LCC cyclists from our neighbouring boroughs. The Diner was reasonably full with representatives from Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets but we doubled the number upon our arrival (viva Waltham Forest!).

Confounding the view that all cyclists are lycra louts, we even took in the art installations at Trinity Wharf before heading home. A slight detour took us onto the Greenway for a closer look at the main Olympic Stadium, where we squeezed in a ‘team photo’.

I’m looking forward to the next ride already – and may even plot some suggestions of my own.

Thanks again.


See more photos here:


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