Drivers 25 – Cyclists 0

A truly Olympic score for the ‘greenest Olympics ever’?

We have recently been reminded that the Olympic games reach way beyond the Olympic park south of our borough. Apart from games venues such as Wembley stadium or Wimbledon there are also several other sites occupied for training venues or coach parks for example.

One such site is the planned basketball training venue on Leyton Marsh behind the Lea Valley Ice Centre. The site is planned to be a temporary installation in the Lea Valley park.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has recently applied for planning permission to Waltham Forest council. Remarkably this application includes plans for an access road and a car park for 25 vehicles. This is despite there being a large car park by the Lea Valley Ice Centre. The access road to the planned car park will go across one of our most treasured ‘green’ routes enjoyed by walkers and cyclists all year round and one of the few places where our kids can ride freely without parents having to worry.

But more interestingly the plans include no cycle parking whatsoever, zero, zilch, no-thing. I wonder how the planners think their 30 staff will travel to the venue. Somehow I feel the decision has already been made for them.

We have of course objected to planning permission being granted and we are hoping Waltham Forest council will see fit to reject it until plans for proper secure and convenient cycle parking are presented. The decision will go to full council and we will let you publish the outcome.

Following a planning meeting permission has been given under a number of conditions including the provision of cycle parking provision “details of which shall be submitted and approved by the planning authority”. Whilst we have had no response from the planning authority regarding our opbjection we will be interested to see those details submitted and keep you posted.

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