Lorry safety, 20mph and permeability – all for Waltham Forest

Will the ‘Cycling Action Plan for Waltham Forest’ mark the beginning of a bright future for our borough?

On Thursday 19 April Waltham Forest Council voted in favour of a Cycling Action Plan endorsing LCC’s Love London, go Dutch campaign, comprehensive lorry safety measures, improved permeability and a 20mph speed limit. WFcycling campaigner Simon Munk gave an emphatic speech at the meeting and our thanks go to him for his tireless efforts liaising with the council to move things forward.

In our borough we have a great selection of products and services, a whole economy, within a short bike ride distance. Yet few choose to cycle even for trips as short as 2 miles. On the other hand a third of the population would like to cycle.
Buildings and streets that are designed with cycling in mind make mobility more equitable and boost local businesses. We have a real opportunity to make our streets better for all building on the fantastic potential for our borough to become a better place to live, work and play.
In our 2010 election manifesto we have asked to support three simple clear points to make our streets better for cycling:
1. Reduce speed and volume of motor vehicles
2. Improve permeability for cycling (maximum route choice – minimum diversion)
3. Provide cycle parking over and above London Plan standards
The newly adopted Cycling Action Plan addresses these points and more (by including lorry safety). We are very pleased with the concrete measures and the firm time scale proposed. It should be seen as a beginning though. Now the work really starts. We need to make sure the proposals are followed up well and we need to work on the detail.
We are a group of volunteers and any help we can get is much appreciated. If you would like to get involved, why not come to one of our monthly meetings (every second Wednesday of the month, 8pm, The Hornbeam centre, 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 9AH). Or just get in touch directly.
We work under the umbrella and with the expert support of London Cycling Campaign. So there is a great opportunity to be on the forefront of cycle campaigning and to work with experts, be it ride leaders, highway engineers or campaigners.
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One Response to Lorry safety, 20mph and permeability – all for Waltham Forest

  1. well done us !! 10 years of campaigning involved

    and we can use one way streets in both directions soon hurrah !!


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