Black Path closed

Part of the LCN9 route, the Black Path, has been closed. We have had no notice as to why or how long.

If you cycle along LCN9 via the Black Path you will need to take the alternative route via Argall Avenue.

We are trying to find out how long the closure is for and why it has been closed.
Of course we will also ask for diversion signs. Our friends across the Lea have demonstrated that this can be done.

Interestingly in Hackney the contractors were able to provide a signed detour during the works which were advertised well in advance and had a completion date notified.

We hope these simple measures can be taken, since it is common practice for any motor vehicle diversion.

 The works are part of the Olympic improvement programme. The path will be resurfaced and should be completed by the end of the week.
We don’t quite understand why we have not been consulted at all even though this is part of a strategic route  (LCN9) and there has been a history of problems when it was last upgraded.
Specifically we would have liked the kerb separation, if at all needed, to be cycle friendly (shallow 45 degree kerbs) the arrangmeent of bollards should be addressed (particularly on the south side) and the surface quality is very important and should not be as poor as on the new stretch of Orient way just finished.
We are speaking to the council to see what can still be done.

There have been some coments about this path being some insignificant alley way in an industrial estate. We should remember that it is steeped in history and still forms a very important walking and cycling route we would like to see developed better. More information is here

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2 Responses to Black Path closed

  1. bryn jones says:

    Any news as to why it is shut. Do you think it is to do with the olympic campsite?


  2. Unfortunate given the council's wholehearted endorsement just a few weeks ago of the Cycling Action Plan.
    It would be useful to identify whether the council has any processes in place that weren't followed, and who approved these works.


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