E17 Art Trail – ride the second

By the time I got to the library there were already some 15 cyclists gathered for the ride. By the time we left the library, we were 21!

We started by visiting Diego the bicycle builder at Racer Rosa, now venue 68. He teamed up with Dr Knit and you can see the effect in the photo. Lovely.

Our next venue was just the other side of the station, but this being Walthamstow, we didn’t want to cycle on along the awful Hoe Street and chose to go through Cairo Rd and West Avenue instead – to the Bikeshed, which had been adorned as venue 81.

At St Saviour’s Church in Markhouse Road (venue 90) we listened to an organ recital of music by the local Baroque composer John Stanley, and admired beautiful quilts by Gilli Haqqani. Gilli herself was hard at work, creating a Japanese-inspired geometric quilt.

After a sensory overload at the Pictorem Gallery (venue 165) – including the memorable mashed-up portraits by Geoff Haines – and art-and-snacks at the Hornbeam Cafe – including edible bouquets –

and the project mapping local happiness, Happy in Walthamstow

we cycled on to Upper Walthamstow to look at Paula Smith’s Photographs from Japan (venue 175).

Andrew at Arts and Crusts (venue 100) once more took care of our energy levels whilst Victoria Road’s Brigitte provided a fun guide to the art of portraiture at the cafe’s – finally unveiled – rear gallery.

Meanwhile Carol showed us pencil-drawn insects adorning their chimney-breast wallpaper, work by Sarah Hardy of infinitesimal detail.

We came too late to admire all the art at the William Morris Gallery but they did kindly let us in to see Grayson Perry’s Walthamstow Tapestry (venue 49).
After a visit to Lot One Ten (venue 53) and Duncan Holmes’s photos of Walthamstow architecture (venue 11) we officially finished the ride at the Tokarska Gallery in Forest Road (venue 12).

Some of us cycled back east and took part in the Pink Bear Hunt – a little piece of outdoors play-acting lunacy (venue 168).

And then Mother Nature gave us a piece of her own art:

Tomorrow – bring some kids for the Art Trail family ride!

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