E17 Art Trail – the Family Ride

The Walthamstow Family Bike Club‘s E17 Art Trail ride must have broken some sort of record for us: 28 riders! Half of which were naturally children. Travelling an urban circuit it was lucky that Paul, Mat, Lisa and Bridget were all there to get the group across junctions in one go, with the help of the ride marshal’s favourite pastime: traffic-stopping.

Our first venue was at the start line: St Mary’s Church hosted Fantastic Creatures, creations from students at Kelmscott School. They were great in their own right, but juxtaposed with the church – hilarious:

We next descended on the E17 Art House where kids got down to printmaking with Kirsten Schmidt, 
calligraphy with the Wandering Scribe – calligrapher Diana Furlong, 
and had their portraits drawn by the Magnificent Magical Drawing Machine, 
whilst the adults partook of much-needed refreshments (we’d only just started but it was such a hot July-ish day!) and art by Kirsten (the mesmerising crow-themed Magic Flute) and by Robert M Ball.
After a while we rode to Coppermill Lane, which turned into Birdbox Avenue, and counted as many as 40 birdboxes along it. We did two more art-spotting exercises like this: we rode through Wingfield Road where house windows were adorned with large black-and-white pictures and through Barrett Road where we found HideBird 2012: a large installation full of birds.
We made our way through the forests of Upper Walthamstow and over Forest Road
to Olga Coutinho’s Jewellery Making workshop in 22 Pentire Rd where we stayed an hour with some glamorous results, 
before descending to Arts and Crusts for some long overdue pampering from Andrew and Carol.
Finally we made our way to We Love LEGO in 69 Farnan Avenue, where Family Rides regular Richard showed off his and his fellow Brickish – LEGO lunatics’ – fascination with the Danish contribution to civilisation.

Back in the Village, we read the story of Mr Sharp’s Rubbish Idea, as written and turned into a film by the children of St Mary’s CofE school in The Drive.

Join us next week for the 2012 E17 Art Trail’s final ride, on Sunday 16 September, 1pm outside Walthamstow Library.

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