Have your say

You can now have your say about conditions for cycling in Waltham Forest. We have worked with the council to develop a survey. Please complete it and you may win prizes.

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One Response to Have your say

  1. Jean says:

    From a scared pedestrian.
    I appreciate that your members are all very responsible and that cycling in London is dangerous and that you need protection. But please spare a thought for we pedsetrians who are even more vulnerable. I would like to bring up the topic of cycling on the pavement which is illegal and very common in Walthamstow. I am a senior citizen with brittle bones. If I was just jolted by a passing cylists I could easily sustain a fracture and even end up in a wheelchair. I have already had 5 spinal fractures from other incidents [not with a cyclist] Please let me know of your attitude to this situation. Yours with trepidation Jean


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