Annual Meeting 2013


1 Apologies
2 Minutes of the 2012 AM
3 Matters arising from 2012 AM
4 Treasurers report
5 Review of the Year (GW)
6 Elections
7 Motions

Committee posts

Chair, Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Rides and Events coordinator, Council liaison, Communications


Motion 1: Adoption of LCC Branding for WFCycling
Proposed by Gerhard Weiss

LCC has gone through a re-branding process including the adoption of a new logo two years ago. This logo
is available branded for local groups matching the magazine and other marketing materials such as flags and
gazebos. The current WFcycling logo is nice and looks professional. But it would be good to be consistent
with LCC branding and it is therefore proposed that WFcycling to change the group’s logo to the newly
branded version as presented here (proposed by GW)

Motion 2: Cycle Parking
Proposed by Gerhard Weiss

WFcycling campaign agrees its focus for 2013/14 shall be cycle parking and prioritising residential cycle
parking. A considerable number of visitors to our stalls say that inadequate cycle parking prevents them
from owning or riding a bike. Some are keen to ride and are not allowed to park a bicycle. Guidance for new
developments under the London Plan is completely inadequate and gets frequently ignored. Even when it is
followed, provision is usually so poor as to be useless for practical everyday cycling. Even amongst the willing
residential cycle parking is poorly understood by authorities and developers.

WFcycling would continue working with the council on implementing all measures under the Cycling Action
Plan, but would focus on cycle parking.(proposed by GW)


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