Cycle in Waltham Forest? Here’s how to make it better!

If you’ve ever shouted at a lorry on Lea Bridge Road, been cut-up by rat-runners in Chingford or confused on your bicycle by the one-way systems everywhere in Waltham Forest, here’s how you can help the Waltham Forest Cycle Campaign make things better.

Waltham Forest council is currently bidding for £25 million of TfL money to turn central Walthamstow into a “mini-Holland”. It’s also finally getting serious about cycling in lots of other ways – in consulting the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC) on anything that affects cyclists earlier, and listening more when we howl at them; it has an ambitious and serious action plan to improve cycling and cyclists genuinely have a higher priority than ever before in council thinking.

Bakers Arms Jan 2014 shrunk

New scheme being implemented at Bakers Arms in January 2013 that increases dangers for cyclists.

Great news, but we really need to keep the pressure on them, more now than ever – to get them to understand why, for instance, putting car parking bays outside shops right next to the cycle lane is a problem. And we need to expand where good stuff is going to happen beyond just Walthamstow and Lea Bridge Road. Most of all though, we need you: your input, your expertise as cyclists who ride on roads in the borough, and your voice. To make cycling better, we’re asking you to try and spare one evening every month or two to come along to our meetings.

We promise that coming to the WFCC’s regular meetings and joining the email list, finding out when and whom to email and why, will be far more effective than going on Twitter or Facebook and having a rant, or just shouting abuse at drivers.

The WFCC’s regular monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday, monthly, 8pm, at The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 9AH. Come along to to find out more about what the WFCC is already doing, what the council is doing, and what you can do to make cycling better.

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