July rides

Sunday 6 July

TheE11 Ride
Meet outside Carlton House in Aylmer Road, off Leytonstone High Street (E11 3AD) to leave at 10am. If you have questions, call Dwight on 07973 131429.

Sunday 6 July
The Sunday Cycle
Meet outside The Mill in Coppermill Lane at 11am. Return by 1pm. If you have questions, email Katja on katjarosenberg@hotmail.com.

Monday 7 July
Bistro Bicyclette: watch Tour de France @Hornbeam Centre
Tour de France riders will be riding through Woodford New Road and Lea Bridge Road on towards Central London on Monday and we intend to have fun waiting for them at Bakers Arms – courtesy of Hornbeam Centre. Come and join us for lunch, music and a short ride (padded shorts or spiked drinks will not be necessary) between 12-4pm at FRP & Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 9AH (map)

Sunday 13 July
Walthamstow Family Bike Ride
A relaxed and enjoyable afternoon travelling by bicycle and exploring the nooks and crannies in and around our borough. Frisbees sometimes materialise when we hit a suitable open space.
We aim to stop off at a cafe at about half time, but we recommend you bring a snack and some water.
Meet at 1pm at the Orford Road/Church Lane junction, E17 9RW, next to the old postbox opposite the Ancient House … see the map.

Sunday 13 July
Breeze ride
A women’s-only (children welcome) gentle ride along River Lea and nearby, with a stop at a cafe.
The route is entirely traffic free, and uses the towpath, a path along the side of allotments, and a section of unused road. No hills. Meet at 9am, in the car park at the bottom end of Coppermill Lane by the railway, E17 7HG. We’ll be done at 10.45. Please book through this link!

Wednesday 16 July
Bridget’s Summer Evening Ride

Summer evenings are too glorious to miss so once a summery month we meet to enjoy them together. Join us for 6.30 departure outside Walthamstow Library. Back within a couple of hours.

Sunday 20 July
Nic’s offroad ride

Meet at 10.00 outside Walthamstow Library / Farmers’ Market for a few hours of mucky Epping Forestry.

Sunday 20 July
Thuso Mandela Sponsored Cycle Ride

Thuso is a local charity that supports children and education in South Africa, run by Gerard, a family rides regular. By joining Gerard’s ride you will help to raise money for solar lamps for school children in South Africa. Distances from 10 to 40 miles to choose from. Meet at 10am. You can find out more at www.thuso.org, or by emailing or calling Gerard: gerardomastamilsom@yahoo.co.uk or 07931 337202

Sunday 27 July
WFCycling Monthly ride
Meet at 10.15 outside Walthamstow Library / Farmers’ Market. The Market opens at 10am so there is just enough time for a hot cuppa or your weekly groceries. We are usually back by 3-4pm.


Advance invitation…

Saturday 9 August 2014 –FreeCycle. Enjoy traffic-free central London for a day! Well, crummy bits of it… It’s ridiculously inadequate, but still a thrilling experience. We’ll be riding from Walthamstow (and possibly other locations in Waltham Forest) so join us to get to the car-free circuit safely.

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