Ruckholt Road Consultation opens – November 2014

Details for the segregated tracks and junction changes proposed at Ruckholt Road as part of “mini-Holland” are now public – the consultation and drawings are here. If you use Ruckholt Road, Orient Way etc or would like to, but currently won’t, then definitely have a look and send in your comments to the council! Feedback must be in by 26 November.

There’ll also be a drop in session at Leyton Library, Thursday 13 November 2014, 4-8pm. And “council staff will also be present on Ruckholt Road near the junction with Orient Way” 7-9am Wednesday 12 November and 10am-3pm Sunday 16 November if you have questions to ask.

The Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign’s mini-Holland team has already fed back on the plans – we’re broadly supportive, but there’s a few
minor issues we think are outstanding:

i) Plans for Alexandra Road aren’t ideal – with buses and traffic mixing it up with cyclists (albeit with speed tables due to be in there).

ii) The eastbound lights from Oliver Road might appear daunting at first – so we want to make sure the council communicates clearly that even slow cyclists will be able to clear through the non-segregated section without pressure from vehicles coming from behind.

iii) We want “filtered permeability” (a road closure) for Maude Road where it hits Leyton High Road.

iv) Leyton High Road is due to be looked at later on during the mini-Holland process as part of the North-South routes, but any quick fixes to sort out the junctions with Ruckholt Road and Alexandra Road would be good to help cyclists get in/out of the scheme smoothly.

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