First ‘Bike Hangars’ proposed for Waltham Forest!

Waltham Forest are proposing bike hangars in nine locations around the borough. These on-street hangars allow people with limited space to store their bikes safely and conveniently out of the wind and rain. They will help encourage cycling in the borough and make it easy for people to hop on their bikes whenever they want.

The council aims to install many more in the next few years, so if you want one near you scroll down to find out who to ask!

Bike Hanger: secure and covered on street cycle parking

Bike Hangar: secure and covered on street cycle parking

What is a bike hangar?

Many people cite lack of space at home and insecure on-street parking are reasons for not owning a bike. We also know there are loads of bikes in garden sheds gathering dust because there’s nowhere suitable to put them.

Bike hangars are a way of storing bikes securely and conveniently in on-street covered enclosures. Each bike hangar installs into a standard 2m wide parking bay by bolting down to the kerb, holds six bikes securely and takes up half the space of a standard car.

These hangars will help more people to take the opportunity to cycle and more bikes to escape sheds and get out in the sunshine! They’re ideally suited for people living in flats and where there isn’t any suitable space for storing a bike.

Lambeth Council have led the way with installing bike hangars, and this year plan to install their 100th making a total of 600 secure, covered bike parking spaces. Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Lewisham and Southwark have also installed bike hangars and soon Waltham Forest will join that list!

Update: It has been announced that the scheme will be managed by Cyclehoop and their website has loads of details and photos of what the bike hangars will look like (click here)

Where will the first Bike Hangars be?

[CORRECTION] – These initial locations have been selected to go to consultation and the decision on whether to install (or not) and the best location for the bike hangar will only be made once the council have heard local views. The approximate locations are:

  • Mornington Road (junction with Harvey Road) – Leytonstone Ward
  • Winns Terrace – William Morris Ward
  • Leucha Road, near junction with Stephenson Road – High Street Ward
  • Diana Road – William Morris Ward
  • Bloxhall Road – Lea Bridge ward
  • Chelmsford Road, Boundary Road end – Markhouse Ward
  • Brooke Road, north end – Wood Street Ward
  • Cranbourne Road, opposite Gordon Road – Cathall Ward
  • Salop Road, near Rensburg Road – High Street Ward

If one of these is near you, you should be getting a letter from the council about how you can sign up to have access to the hangar.

Update: The consultation says a parking space will cost £12.50 per year, plus a refundable £25 deposit for the key. We understand this is cheaper than other boroughs with similar schemes.

I want one!

The nine are an initial trial of the bike hangars and the plan is to roll these out across the borough in the places where residents want them. If you want a bike hangar near you, let the council know by emailing

If there’s a specific place you have in mind let them know, maybe with a photo, or they can work out where would work best near you. If your neighbours are keen make sure they also let the council know too – the places with lots of demand are likely to get them first!

Note: If you’re not in Waltham Forest you might still be able to get one – LCC are running a scheme to get bike hangars installed all over London (click here).


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  1. Fred says:

    Note – the post has been updated with further details now the consultation is has been published.


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