Summary of consultation responses – 2014

Please see below for a summary of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaigns formal responses to consultations for 2014, most recent first.


November 2014

Mini Holland: Ruckholt Road improvements

Details for the segregated tracks and junction changes proposed at Ruckholt Road as part of “mini-Holland” are now public. Download consultation leaflet PDF.

The Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign’s mini-Holland team has already fed back on the plans – we’re broadly supportive, but there’s a few minor issues we think are outstanding:

  1. Plans for Alexandra Road aren’t ideal – with buses and traffic mixing it up with cyclists (albeit with speed tables due to be in there). Physical segregation can only be achieved by moving the bus stop (eg to Grove Green Road on the other side of Leyton High Road) and removal of the car parking on the south side of the road). Quieter Meade Road is an option for less confident cyclists, but this is not ideal due to the diversion and need to traverse along Leyton High Road.
  2. The eastbound lights from Oliver Road offer cyclists a 30 second green head start before motor traffic gets green. However this junction might appear initially daunting, so we want to make sure the council communicates clearly that even slow cyclists will be able to clear through the non-segregated section without pressure from vehicles coming from behind.
  3. We want “filtered permeability” (a road closure) for Maude Road where it hits Leyton High Road.
  4. Leyton High Road is due to be looked at later on during the mini-Holland process as part of the North-South routes, but any quick fixes to sort out the junctions with Ruckholt Road and Alexandra Road would be good to help cyclists get in/out of the scheme smoothly.


October 2014

Mini Holland: Walthamstow Village Trial Road Closures

A series of temporary closures around Walthamstow Village in order to reduce rat running and create more pleasant residential streets. Download the trial closure information leaflet & map.

We enthusiastically support the principle of reducing rat running motor traffic in residential streets as this will deliver step change improvements in air quality, street noise, health, and road danger reduction, which will lead to more people using these travel modes locally.

We encourage the council to find solutions to the few streets where residents saw an increase in car volumes, and to continue to optimise the closure locations to give the best balance between discouraging through motor traffic and maintaining adequate car access for residents.


August 2014

Mini Holland: Selborne Road – Air Quality and Highway Improvement S​cheme

The council is consulting on a number of measures for Selborne Road including a 2 way kerb segregated cycle track. Download consultation leaflet PDF.

Overall we view the scheme very positively, but

  1. We appreciate that outline design work first needs to be conducted for major changes to the Hoe St gyratory, but are concerned that the key section between the bus station and Hoe St has been completely omitted.
  2. There is no consideration of how cyclists leave and join shared use track in South Grove. Whilst we appreciate this is due to be resolved as part of the South Grove retail & housing development,  timescales for this development appear to be at best elastic, so there is a need for an interim solution.
  3. How will cyclists enter/leave the track at the Willow Road junction during the traffic green light phase? When travelling east from South Grove or south along Willow Road onto the track is of special concern.


July 2014

Peterborough Road/Essex Road one ways

Proposal for a series of one-way streets in Peterbrough Road, Essex Road, and the streets in between. The council is aware of WFCC’s concerns over the introduction of new one-way streets, and we have objected on the grounds that one way streets increase road danger for cyclists and pedestrians (due to increased motor vehicle speeds and the tendency for more aggressive driver behaviour), lengthen journey times for law-abiding cyclists, and that these proposals also sever the Leytonstone/Walthamstow ‘quiet’ route for cyclists.

Mini Holland: Blackhorse Road

The council is currently consulting on the first mini Holland scheme, which is for a southbound physically segregated cycle track running along the eastern side of Blackhorse Road between the tube station and Northcote Road. No northbound segregation or cycle lane is proposed as Blackhorse Road is not wide enough; cycle logos will be painted along the road.

WFCC reps were invited to a meeting in early July to review the Blackhorse Road proposals and welcomed the high standard planned for the southbound track. We provided a written response (straight after the meeting) on the scheme advising our concerns as

  • the lack of north bound provision and hence the introduction of major barrier to one of the 2 key mini-Holland north-south routes. We proposed Pretoria Avenue (which is due for a road closure soon) as a northbound route.
  • uncertainty over the viability of the route between Markhouse Road and Northcote Road, where road widths are arguably even narrower in places. Given the potential loss of segregated space in both directions and the consequential impact on continuity (just one substandard section will deter a high proportion of potential cyclists), we believe its important to have some confidence on the feasibility of high quality measures for an entire route before consulting on a section of it.
  • getting sight of plans only days before public consultation – we thought we had agreement with the council some months ago that we’d be consulted much earlier in the life cycle of proposals. We believe the issues we’ve raise for this scheme are too substantial to be sensibly managed as part of the public consultation.
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