WFCC monthly meeting – Wednesday 8th April

Our April meeting is on Wednesday runs from 8pm to 9:30pm. All are welcome.

It will be the last Wednesday meeting at the Hornbeam (458 Hoe Street). The day and venue going forwards will be discussed and decided at the meeting.

In addition, our draft summary of accounts and budget is to be discussed at the meeting. If you’d like to review them before the meeting click here. As discussed in the document there are two questions the group must decide in the meeting:

  1. Are there additional items to add to the budget for 15/16?
  2. Should we apply for grant for 15/16?

Once the accounts and budget have been discussed and agreed these will be finalised (with any necessary amendments).

Proposed Agenda, Wednesday 8th April

1 – Introductions and apologies for absence

2 – Review of Minutes of meeting.  Note: we are currently lacking any minutes to review, these will be circulated once they are received.

3 – Council liaison and LCC

Including member feedback on any other WF issues.

4 – Proposed change of meeting

5 – Proposed Budget for 2015 – Robert

6 – Hardship Fund Motion – Tony

7 – Presumed Liability Motion – Janine

8 – Mini Holland Leaflets / campaign

9 – Map working group report

10 – Other Rides and Events

11 – Wrap up/AOB

12 – Next meeting WFCC meeting to be confirmed.

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