WFcycling May round-up!

Half way through the month here’s a round-up of the rides which didn’t get in to the monthly email, plus details of our meetings and more.

Firstly a reminder: There isn’t a meeting today (it’s moved) but we’d love to see you on the 26th May – new faces are always welcome! Details here.

Free family/child cycle training for half term

Leyton Jubilee Park Pavilion by Lammas School, 26th to 29th May – book your place through the Cycle Confident website.

For the other SIX rides still to come this month full details of our May rides are here!

Just a minute, or two…

The draft minutes of our April meeting are here (thanks Kevin!) for review at the next meeting. We also have the approved minutes from March.

If you want to download or print the files open them from Google Drive here.

Video of the month

For our first video of the month I wanted a video with a mini-Holland theme. I’ve chosen ‘Bicycle Anecdotes From Amsterdam’ showing observations and insights from a city full of bikes:

I hope everyone likes this new feature – Let me know comments, suggestions for next month or if there’s anything I’ve missed!

Fred (Chair)

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