Review of 2015 & The Year Ahead – WFCC Coordinator’s Report

Review of 2015

This year most of the news has been about Mini-Holland. Earlier in the year there was much debate about the benefits of the scheme. At times it has felt like the plans were under legal threat and public mobilisation including the “battle of Orford Road” at the official opening of Mini-Holland. However we have now started to see the building of Mini-Holland throughout the borough. It’s great to see those plans on paper becoming real and tangible.

We have also been given the opportunity both as individuals and as a Waltham Forest Cycle Campaign to comment on the upcoming schemes and plans for Mini-Holland. I’d again like to thank Simon Munk, Paul Gasson and Dan Kelly for their hard work in liaising with the council and ensuring Mini-Holland is a success and keeping the everyone informed about what has been happening. Their hard work was recognised at the London Cycle Campaigns AGM when Waltham Forest Mini-Holland won campaign of the year.

We have seen bike hangers going in all over the borough with more planned and new secure bike parking at all the stations in the borough. Also residents can hire Brompton Bikes at Walthamstow station and can hire cargo bikes from the council. Santander hire bikes are now available from the Olympic Park.

Cyclists' tea 2015

Cyclists’ tea 2015

We have continued to lead regular rides. From April Waltham Forest Cycle Campaign and Walthamstow family bike club will be leading 4 rides a month including a new ride on the 3rd Sunday of the month for people new to cycling lead by Paul Gasson. Along with our rides there are now many other regular rides in the borough for rider of all abilities. All the rides we know of are listed on our website, if we’ve missed any out please let us know.

The Year Ahead

London Cycle Campaign’s big campaign this year, Sign for Cycling, is around the Mayoral and GLA elections in May. In the last few years we have seen the beginning of real investment in cycling infrastructure in London and at last TFL and many local authorities beginning to understand the London needs high quality infrastructure and not just paint on the road if we want more people to cycle safely in our city. However over the term of the next Mayor it’s likely that TFL will see a reduction in funding and we know that all local authorities are seeing their budgets cut. The limited money available for transport infrastructure improvements is going to be cut and more fiercely fought over than in the last few years.

It’s vitally important that we continue to see new investment in cycle infrastructure throughout London. In order to do this we need the Mayor (whoever they might be) and GLA to understand that cycling is important and that many people want to continue to see improvements. We therefore need as many people as possible to sign the petition so that our voice is heard. LCC have set a target of 50,000 signatures by the election so if you haven’t done so yet please go to and sign the petition and get all your friends and family to do so as well. There is information there about the key asks for the candidates from LCC. We will be organising some campaigning activities over the next month so keep an eye out for those.

Tour de Waltham Forest 2015

Tour de Waltham Forest 2015

Along with LCC’s campaign we will continue to ensure that Mini-Holland is delivered throughout the borough and that the opportunity for great cycling infrastructure in Waltham Forest is not wasted.

Anyway that’s enough from me. I hope to see you at a meeting, a ride or a campaign event, if you want to get in touch do not hesitate to contact me at

Happy Cycling,

David Hamilton
Waltham Forest Cycle Campaign – Borough Coordinator

David on our ride to Finsbury Park

David on our ride to Finsbury Park


Annual Meeting

At our annual meeting in March we adopted an updated constitution and elected a new committee (including re-electing David as Coordinator). You can find details of the new constitution and see the full list of people on the committee on our ‘About & Contact’ page.


About Fred - WFCC

Chair of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC). WFCC part of London Cycling Campaign, the world’s largest urban cycling organisation. You don't need to be an LCC member to attend our meetings, but if you like what we do please consider joining LCC to help support our work. Members also receive discounts in many bike shops, insurance and other benefits.
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