Coordinators Report 2018

Review of 2017

In Waltham Forest the last year has seen continued progress for Mini-Holland. Two of the three “villages”, Walthamstow Village and Blackhorse Road Village, have been built. It seems that the changes are producing real benefits for the local areas. We have also seen significant work on some of the big infrastructure projects on Lea Bridge Road and the gyratory at Walthamstow Central station.

We have also seen work starting on the re-design of Whipps Cross Roundabout. Also work has happened in both Leyton and Leytonstone which will make these areas far more attractive and safe for cycling and better for local residents and local businesses.

The council has also been making significant improvements to areas outside of the Mini-Holland bid in particular putting in cycle tracks on Billet Road. Nearly all the stations have secure bike parking facilities as well as many on street bike hangers all over the borough. Also this year has seen the introduction of a new dockless bike hire scheme in the borough giving many new people access to bikes and cycling.

We have continued to lead regular rides. From April Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign and Walthamstow Family Bike Club will be leading 4 rides a month. Along with our rides there are now many other regular rides in the borough for rider of all abilities. In particular the last year has seen the setting up of new ride, Cycling Sisters and Joy Riders, rides that are reaching out to the Muslim community. All the rides we know of are listed on our website, if we’ve missed any out please let us know.

After a slow start to his Mayoralty Sadiq Khan has started to produce some of the promised improvements in infrastructure, he has started to announce and consult on the next group of cycle super-highways including one which will extend the Lea Bridge Road scheme into Dalston. He has also announced the 1st group of Liveable Neighbourhoods including the Coppermill Village in Walthamstow, a £2.5 million scheme in the area around Coppermill Lane and St James.

The Year Ahead

We will continue to ensure that Mini-Holland is delivered throughout the borough and that the opportunity for great cycling infrastructure in Waltham Forest is not wasted. It’s great that the infrastructure is going in and 2018 will see a lot of work on the ground.

Unfortunately even though the changes that have been put in have already seen reductions in car use and roads that are quieter and safer for residents, pedestrians and cyclists there are still people who are not convinced about the councils plans and putting pressure on the council to cancel further developments. We still need your help to ensure Mini-Holland is delivered. We also hope to start talking to, and planning with, neighbouring borough cycling campaigns so that infrastructure improvement an be joined up making cycling safer all over North East London.

London Cycling Campaign will be re-launching it’s membership model this year with more benefits for members. The campaign is able to do it’s important work due to it’s membership and the funding that members provide so please ensure that you renew your membership, it’s important for the campaign.

Finally Simon Munk is standing down this year as one of our Council Liaison Officers after many years of sterling work. Simon’s hard work was one of the main reasons that Waltham Forest won the mini-Holland bid. Simon has been for a long time one of the main public faces of the campaign, arguing for the benefits of mini-Holland on many local forums and in the local press and often leaving himself open to personal abuse when making the case. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for all his hard work, support, expertise and broad shoulders over the last few years.

Anyway that’s enough from me. I hope to see you at a meeting, a ride or a campaign event, if you want to get in touch do not hesitate to contact me at

Happy Cycling,

David Hamilton
Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign – Borough Coordinator



About Fred - WFCC

Chair of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC). WFCC part of London Cycling Campaign, the world’s largest urban cycling organisation. You don't need to be an LCC member to attend our meetings, but if you like what we do please consider joining LCC to help support our work. Members also receive discounts in many bike shops, insurance and other benefits.
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