Mini-Holland Progress Review 2018

Report from our council liaison team at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Notable progress since March 2017:

Widening works for cycle tracks on Lea Bridge Road

  • Markhouse Road tracks completed from South Grove to Boundary Road.
  • Huge progress on Lea Bridge Road, will shortly have virtually continuous protected tracks from Hackney border to Markhouse Road junction. Work has started on the section to Russell Road (Section C).
  • Forest Road tracks from Blackhorse Road to Bell Corner progressing quickly – around 70% complete.
  • Whipps Cross roundabout progressing, with Wood Street junction largely complete and much infrastructure preparation work done prior to roundabout removal.
  • Leyton Village East (east of High Road) filtered permeability scheme started and largely completed (some planting still to be done), with through motor traffic now eliminated via modal filters and new one way streets.
  • Blackhorse Village filtered permeability scheme finished with Northcote Road modal filter going in last March, and remaining speed cushions being replaced with full width s-humps. Further “blended crossings” being built on Palmerston Road.
  • Cycle parking hubs opened for Leyton & St James St stations, adding to the those already installed at Wood Street, Leytonstone, the two at Walthamstow Central, and Lea Bridge.
  • 225 cycle hangers installed – this against 90 originally planned in the 2013 mini-Holland bid to TfL.
  • Billet Road tracks nearly complete, giving almost uninterrupted protection from Billet roundabout to 200m short of Blackhorse Road tube. This is not mini-Holland funded but we’re hoping money will be found in future to create protection for some heavily used junctions including Higham Hill Road and Folly Lane.

    Francis Road

    View of Francis Road (Leyton Village East) shortly after completion

Main areas of concern:

  • Forest Road – there are 3 short sections without stepped track or any form of physical protection. WFCC have engaged with ward councillors on this.
  • Chingford to Leyton Town Centre cycle route phase 1 is indirect along back streets, and avoids the desire line (along main roads such as Chingford Road, Hoe St, Leyton High Road). The aim is to shift sections on to the desire line as funding becomes available – the risk is it doesn’t.
  • Walthamstow Central (former gyratory) plans – looks like bus service requirements will have a disproportionate influence.
  • Lea Bridge Road bus borders – do we need measures to reduce the risk of pedestrian/cycle conflict?


WFCC have run over 30 Mini-Holland tours for external groups of campaigners, councillors and officers from across the UK and beyond. This underlines how groundbreaking the progress in our borough is.

Dan & Paul wish to commend our local political leadership for their vision and continued commitment to delivering this programme in the face of considerable opposition, and council officers for their high standards and focus on delivering the best solutions possible on the ground.

We also wish to thank the many campaigners and others in our community who have played an invaluable role in supporting this extraordinary project.


About Fred - WFCC

Chair of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC). WFCC part of London Cycling Campaign, the world’s largest urban cycling organisation. You don't need to be an LCC member to attend our meetings, but if you like what we do please consider joining LCC to help support our work. Members also receive discounts in many bike shops, insurance and other benefits.
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5 Responses to Mini-Holland Progress Review 2018

  1. Inbar Tamari says:


    Thanks for the report. Does anyone know why cycle access between St. Mary’s road and Hoe street was blocked?



    On Thu, 26 Apr 2018, 2:14 pm Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign, wrote:

    > Fred posted: “Report from our council liaison team at the 2018 Annual > Meeting. Notable progress since March 2017: Markhouse Road tracks completed > from South Grove to Boundary Road. Huge progress on Lea Bridge Road, will > shortly have virtually continuous prot” >


    • Fred says:

      Hi Inbar,

      Sorry for the slow reply – I think it’s just blocked temporarily while they reconfigure the junction. It was discussed in one of the meetings and (if I remember correctly) it wasn’t going to be very safe with the temporary layout so the council thought it was better to block it.

      Not ideal, but we don’t want there to be an accident so it’s probably prudent. I’m not sure when the works are expected to be complete and it will reopen.

      If you’d like a more detailed and knowledgeable answer email and one of our council liaison will get back to you.

      Kind regards,



  2. Is there any possibility of making a cycle exception to the short 1 way section of Milton Road at the Hoe St end, so you can go, more or less straight, on to Hatherley – ie going down the hill? Going up is already permitted.


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