Mini-Holland Update, Summer 2018

The Mini-Holland programme is progressing all over the borough. The cycle tracks on Lea Bridge Road are approaching Baker’s Arms and the 3 of the “villages” have been calmed with modal filters. The council have installed or are planning to install 300 bike-hangars across the borough.

Francis Road has benefitted from street improvements

The last village, “Markhouse Village” will be going to consultation on the 10th of September. The village is the area bordered by Lea Bridge Road in the south, South Grove and Selborne Road in the north, Markhouse Road in the west and Hoe Street in the east.

The council would like to put in a number of modal filters in the area, most of these will be local filters to stop through traffic in local streets. However two of the filters are area wide filters on Queens Road and Boundary Road. These filters will significantly reduce traffic on 2 of the busiest, most unpleasant and unsafe roads in the area. Both Queens Road and Boundary Road are roads were cyclists have suffered close passes and there is a lot of conflict between cyclists and other road users. The roads themselves are also in need of some care and landscaping as both look quite tired.

Boundary Road is a rat run through the area with high traffic volumes

It is important that the consultation is successful and the council feel they have a mandate to complete the work as planned. Otherwise there will be a large hole in the scheme that will detrimental to local residents and create an area of rat running.

The consultation will be distributed as a paper document to residents, businesses and stake holders in the area as well as being online. The council have stated that the amount of the scheme that they are able to implement will depend largely on the results of the consultation.

So, if you live in the Markhouse Village area please do look out for the consultation and fill it out. Also if you know anyone who lives in the area please encourage them to respond to the consultation and support the council’s plans as local views will carry more weight. Also please look out for the consultation on Common Place (where previous consultations have been posted) and fill it in. This may come down to a numbers game and we know that groups that support the status quo and no changes are mobilising locally.

If you are interested in getting more involved in the campaign locally then in the coming weeks there are leaflets to be delivered and other activities – please ask to join the Markhouse Mini-Holland Facebook group at or email and we will put you in touch with the campaign.


About Fred - WFCC

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