Leytonstone Bike Buddies

We have an emerging network of new cycle lanes in Leytonstone and the surrounding areas. We’ve teamed up with Transition Leytonstone to help new or returning cyclists get the most from cycling by linking them up with more experienced cyclists.

Are you new to the area, new to cycling, or thinking of taking up cycling again? Would you like a cycling ‘buddy’ to show you the new cycle lanes and quiet routes in between? They could take you, perhaps with a friend, around the network in Leytonstone and beyond – maybe to the Olympic Park, Walthamstow Wetlands, or even central London!

We’re also looking for experienced cyclists in the area to volunteer to buddy up.

Are you an experienced cyclist who would be willing to act as a ‘buddy’ to one or two people who would like to be shown round the network of new cycle lanes and quiet routes? Help them find route to the places they want to go and negotiate the gaps in the network, both within and outside the borough.

Read on to find out how to get involved.

Ambitious and aspiring cyclists!

If you would like a bike buddy please join either the Whatsapp or Facebook group (see below) and post your level of experience, when you’d like to go on a ride and if there’s a particular journey you’d like help with.

We can also put you in contact with qualified cycling instructors for free one-to-one training funded by the council, which is a brilliant way to get started if you haven’t cycled in a while or are new to cycling.

The rides work by joining up new cyclists with experienced cyclists willing to help – feel free to bring a friend along with you.

You’ll agree the route you want to take and then arrange to meet at a convenient location – maybe outside the local shops. We hope the ride goes well and afterwards please let us know your feedback.

Volunteer bike buddies

You should be an experienced cyclist confident navigating the roads and leading others. We recommend bikeability level 3, or equivalent, and can get you free cycle training if you want it.

We suggest you come along on a ride before you buddy up so you can see how it works and ask questions – it’s currently a learning process and any feedback is welcome.

The next step is to join either the Whatsapp or Facebook group (see below) and let people know when you’re able to volunteer.

Join up!

Join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeytonstoneBB/

Join the Whatsapp group – send us you number and we’ll add you contact@wfcycling.org.uk


Important information

The rides are self-organised and run by the participants. 

Act responsibly, and let us know if anything isn’t right.

These rides are not suitable for unaccompanied children or unaccompanied vulnerable adults.

If you are unsure about any of this, or would like advice, please get in touch.

About Fred

Coordinator of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC). WFCC is part of London Cycling Campaign, the world’s largest urban cycling organisation. You don't need to be an LCC member to attend our meetings, but if you like what we do please consider joining LCC to help support our work. Members also receive discounts in many bike shops, insurance and other benefits.
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1 Response to Leytonstone Bike Buddies

  1. Fred - WFCC says:

    If anyone (new or experienced) wants some free one-to-one cycle training, check out this link: https://walthamforest.gov.uk/content/free-cycle-training

    This could help you gain confidence after not cycling for a while, or to brush up on your skills before you offer to help others. We have lots of excellent cycle instructors in the borough and it’s well worth doing. If you know a cycle instructor you like get them to arrange this for you (otherwise you might end up with someone else!).


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