Your local group needs you

The Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign is working hard to encourage more people to cycle more often and to make Waltham Forest more liveable for everyone through better streets for cycling. This group is entirely reliant on volunteers – from those able to give their time occasionally to committee members working throughout the year to keep the group running.

The local group is a great opportunity to be involved in the community, learn about campaigning and better cycling, and/or run events – All as part of the largest urban cycling campaign. We’re always looking for people to help so no matter how much time you’re able to put in, so if you have some time to spare we would love to hear from you!

There are lots of different ways to help, from rides and events, campaigning, work on our communications, helping with the organisation of the group as well as many other tasks. If you let us know your interests, skills and experience we can suggest ways you could get involved. You can contact us on the website, Facebook, twitter, email david[a] or come along to one of our meetings.

If you’re interested in joining the committee you may want to stand for one of the committee post including treasurer, secretary or coordinator.

Coordinator role

Coordinate the group’s activities including rides and events, campaigns, lobbying, council liaison and communications, and specifically

  • The official local contact for LCC
  • Coordinates between the LCC office and the Waltham Forest group, relaying messages and reporting to LCC
  • Updates the group at the monthly meetings
  • Attends quarterly Local Groups Forum at the LCC office

It could be an excellent opportunity for personal and career development. Management, communication, street design and engineering, political lobbying, effective governance, experience running events and engaging with the public are just some of the valuable experience and skills you may gain. The coordinator receives support and mentoring through support from the LCC office as well as local group committee members.

The role would suit somebody who is;

  • Enthusiastic about cycling and committed to LCC’s aims and principles
  • Organised and able to plan ahead
  • A good communicator who can get on with a variety of people from all backgrounds


Maintain a cashbook, write cheques, bank cash, drafts an annual budget and reports to the Annual Meeting


Takes the minutes of the meetings to record key points, decisions and actions. The minutes are typed up and emailed to the chair who brings copies to the subsequent meeting.

If possible the minutes should be circulated within 1-2 weeks of the meeting. For the annual meeting there is likely to be more to cover and should be circulated within 3-4 week of the meeting.


Chairs the monthly and annual meeting.

Email david[a] to find out more about any of these roles.

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