Role Descriptions

Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign is run governed by a Management Committee as described in our constitution. The Management Committee are responsible for the correct running of the group, organising meeting and finances. The Coordinator, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary (including job shares) are all automatically included and the group can elect additional people at the Annual Meeting.

We prefer to keep the role of the management committee to the bare essentials in order to open up involvement and decision making to a wider group of people.

Management committee roles are only open to LCC members, as set out in our constitution. All our other roles and volunteering opportunities are open to everyone!

Coordinator Role

Coordinate the group’s activities including rides and events, campaigns, lobbying, council liaison and communications, including:

  • The official local contact for LCC
  • Coordinates between the LCC office and the Waltham Forest group, relaying messages and reporting to LCC
  • Updates the group at the monthly meetings
  • Attends quarterly Local Groups Forum at the LCC office
  • Adds rides to the LCC website and other administration with LCC

It could be an excellent opportunity for personal and career development. Management, communication, street design and engineering, political lobbying, effective governance, experience running events and engaging with the public are just some of the valuable experience and skills you may gain. The coordinator receives support and mentoring through support from the LCC office as well as local group committee members.

The role would suit somebody who is;

  • Enthusiastic about cycling and committed to LCC’s aims and principles
  • Organised and able to plan ahead
  • A good communicator who can get on with a variety of people from all backgrounds


Chairs the monthly and annual meetings. This includes drafting and distributing the agenda, encouraging people to attend the meeting, making sure everyone’s voice is heard and trying to make sure everything is covered in the allotted time.

In addition to the work in the meeting, the chair will often draft letters and responses to consultations on behalf of the group.

As set out in the constitution this role can be filled by the Coordinator.


Takes the minutes of the meetings to record key points, decisions and actions. The minutes are typed and sent to the chair.

The essential thing for the minutes is to record action points (and who is doing it) and any decisions made by the group. Discussions can be summarised briefly and any detailed information should be sent to the secretary and circulated with the minutes. If possible the minutes should be circulated within 1-2 weeks of the meeting.

If this role is vacant it can be filled by other members of the group standing in.


Maintain a cashbook, write cheques, bank cash, drafts an annual budget and reports to the Annual Meeting. This role does not require a significant time input but is essential to the running of the group.

Other ways to be involved

There are lots of ways to be involved which aren’t Management Committee roles, and they’re open to non-LCC members too.

Other roles the group might have include Council Liaison Officer, Rides Coordinator, Infrastructure Officer, Campaigns Officer, Social Media Coordinator and Events Coordinator.

Members of the group can also form ‘working groups’ to look at specific issues, for instance: Inclusive Cycling, Outreach, area specific groups or groups to look at a specific project.

  • Working groups can operate from a Slack channel or via another platform.
  • They can organise their own meetings, and/or we can set aside half an hour at monthly meetings to focus on the subject.
  • Someone from the working group reports back to our monthly meetings and makes sure we’re coordinated.
  • Working groups allow new members to start working on a subject they are interested straight away.

Email to find out more about any of these roles.