For the 2016 Mayoral election we supported the LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign. In response to the work of LCC, the new mayor Sadiq Khan committed to major improvements for cycling in London:

  • Triple the amount of protected space for cycling on main roads and at junctions
  • A mini Holland in every borough, to share the success from Waltham Forest across London (and we also want to grow the one we’ve got!)
  • Action to end lorry danger once and for all

A year on from his election, we are now looking for Sadiq to start implementing the plans he has been developing. Watch this space for more campaigning – If you’d like to get involved please email!

Ongoing Campaigns

Space for Cycling is a major London Cycling Campaign push to improve the quality of life for all, by making local streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle.  Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC) asked residents what improvements they would like to see for cycling in each of the borough’s 20 wards, contacted May 2014 local election ward candidates to pledge to support those improvements, and have been following through with those councillors who pledged and were elected.

Waltham Forest is one of 3 London boroughs to have been awarded around £30m Mini Holland funding over 3 years to deliver a step change in conditions for those who cycle and walk, with ideas taken from continental approaches to design. We worked with the council on developing the funding bid, and now a substantial amount of our resources are being devoted to supporting and holding the council to account on this project, including via regular ‘stakeholder’ meetings, development of the overarching design principles, involvement in the design phase of specific schemes to ensure the best possible outcomes for cyclists and everyone, and supporting communication between the council and our membership and other cyclists in the borough. Click here for more information from WFCC about Mini Holland.

Residential cycle parking provision – A high proportion of people in the borough live in accommodation which lacks anywhere viable to safely secure a bicycle, so even if they wanted to cycle its not practical for them to do so. We have been supporting the introduction of on-street bike hangars for safe and convenient bike storage for local residents.

We are also working very closely with the council in a number of other areas which we believe are critical in order to deliver a step change increase in the number of residents undertaking cycle journeys, including a borough wide 20mph zone, key junction improvements, and cycle contraflow facilities on one way streets.

We strongly support the LCC’s Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling campaign, and are delighted that Waltham Forest Council was one of the very first boroughs to sign the LCC pledge early in 2013.  Even though HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) account for just 5% of London’s street traffic, they are involved in around 50% of cyclist fatalities. They also pose a great danger to pedestrians. And whilst collisions are rare they are almost always serious. Therefore it is extremely important that only the best drivers and safest vehicles are using our streets. For help on how you can help HGV drivers see you better when riding your bike we urge you to take a look at the best advice available. & Plans

Current and up-coming consultations, areas of concern and ideas for improvements are being added to ‘Cyclescape’ – a mapping and campaigning website being used by groups across the UK. You can view issues in London via the LCC website here:

How can I help?

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  • Take part in any Mini Holland perception surveys, consultations, meetings or other forms of engagement between the council and your local community – please let us know and/or copy us in.

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