Here are a selection of pre-planned routes created by our ride leaders.  They can be downloaded and taken with you on your ride.

If you want a route planner, allows you to choose quieter or faster routes.

Commuter Rides

Rides to useful destinations avoiding busy roads where possible:

Family Bike Club Rides

Intermediate level trips designed for cycling with kids. Most of the routes are round trips or include the return and are under 15 miles (25 km):

WF Cycling Rides

Screenshot from

Example of a a route map you can download and take with you on your phone

20-30 mile long routes from our monthly rides:

For more routes, check out our ride leader Bridget’s rides on Plotaroute!

Viewing GPX files on the go

The easiest way to follow these routes is to download an app which turns your phone in to a Sat Nav. There are lots of apps available for different devices, just search your app store for ‘GPX’.

Download the GPX file, open it with the app and you’re ready to go!

6 Responses to Routes

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  3. Fred says:

    Our ride leader Bridget recommends the following app for displaying GPX files:


  4. Julia Brown says:

    Hi there, is there a way to see the route of the WF cycling rides without downloading the app and the files? I just want to look at them so I can choose which one to do. Any help appreciated – clicking on the link takes me to a page that says it can’t show the map. Thanks, Jules


    • Fred - WFCC says:

      Hi Jules,

      Unfortunately Bikely has stopped working properly as it used to do this. If you click around it might show a message letting you “switch back to the old version”. If you click that, it will show you a map when you open a route, although slightly greyed out (not ideal but useable).

      If that doesn’t work for you, you could tell me the kind of route were you looking for – I can ask for a recommendation from our route-master Bridget if you want?

      Sorry it’s not working properly. We need to change this if Bikely won’t fix their site – if there’s a better website you know of we’d like to know.

      Kind regards,



    • Fred says:

      Hi –
      We’ve now fixed this so clicking on the links should allow you to see the route 🙂


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