Planning application for extension of The Mall, Walthamstow E17 – consultation response

Below is our response to the consultation for the re-developement of The Mall site. Details of the proposals can be found on this link:

Dear Mr Gavin Chinniah,

Extension of The Mall, Walthamstow E17 (application number 171355)

I am writing to you on behalf of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign regarding the development of The Mall, planning application reference 171355.

The proposed site includes the cycle path down Selbourne Road and an established cycling route across Walthamstow Town Square Gardens. The two routes are linked by the cycle and pedestrian ‘tiger’ crossing on Selbourne Road and are well used by local residents to pass through the area and to access the shops, library and the market. In addition, the site includes dedicated cycle parking and railings which are used by cyclists visiting the area. We are concerned that these routes and facilities may be affected.

This area of Walthamstow is benefiting from the £27m TfL funded Waltham Forest Mini Holland project, which seeks to encourage greater use of active travel modes, and a reduction in the use of private motor vehicle use. Even though the scheme is only half complete, it has already won a large number of awards for its visionary aims and innovative designs, with a surge of interest in cycling locally.

We have identified some concerns regarding negative impacts on cycling in the construction phase and have identified measures needed for the scheme facilitate increased cycling in the longer term.

The importance of cycling and walking

Physical inactivity directly contributes to 1 in 6 deaths in the UK and costs £7.4 billion a year to business and society. In London, one third of residents do less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week – just a fifth of the recommended minimum.

Cycling and walking are key to improving health through physical activity and also have benefits to society and the environment. Public Health England emphasise that building walking or cycling into daily routines is the most effective way to increase physical activity, for instance cycling/walking to work or to the shops.

Within Waltham Forest increased cycling and walking is essential to boost levels of physical activity, reduce transport related air pollution and provide affordable transport for many.


All cycling provision must be inclusive and cater for a range of abilities and bicycles. Too many schemes only cater for fit, able bodied cyclists on conventional bikes without shopping or passengers (often children). It is important that all routes and parking are designed for use by tricycles and cargo bikes to maintain access to shops and services. In particular access to inclusive cycle parking should not include steep ramps, auto-closing doors or steps!

This is especially important to with the site including the main access for parents to take children to the library and for people shopping at the market.

Construction Phase

During the construction the building works are likely to generate significant additional heavy goods vehicle movements in the local area, including on roads which currently have little heavy traffic currently. This will need to be managed to minimise risk to cyclists and pedestrians.

In addition, it is important that the works minimise disruption to cyclists, pedestrians and the local businesses by maintaining established routes and access to services. Where cycle parking is removed (including railings and other places often used by cyclists), temporary cycle parking should be provided to maintain or increase the current capacity

In summary:

  • To minimise the risk to cyclists and pedestrians it is essential that the site manages traffic in line with recognised guidance such as ‘CLOCS’ construction logistics and community safety,
  • Both the cycle track along Selbourne Road and  the established cycle route across Walthamstow Town Square Gardens should be maintained throughout the project. In particular the access across the site should direct cyclists to the shared ‘tiger’ crossing so they can safely access the Selbourne Road tracks throughout.
  • Temporary/relocated cycle parking should be provided to replace any parking not accessible during the works to maintain access to local businesses and services throughout the works.

Comments on the proposals

Currently interest in cycling locally is surging, in response to the improvements being introduced by the Mini Holland Project and other local improvements bought in by the council. Once the scheme is finished cycling in the borough is likely to further increase and increasing numbers of people are likely to access the shops, market and library by bike.

The proposed scheme has the potential to positively contribute to cycling in the borough and enable more people to take the opportunity for active travel if designed with this in mind. This should also include provision for people living and working in the new development.

We have the following recommendations:

  • The proposed scheme should maintain the existing established routes to a high standard, separated from motor traffic and with access to safe crossings and links to the surrounding areas. It is essential that a safe route is maintained from the current shared ‘tiger’ crossing through to the Town Square and library.
  • Footway and cycle track access across the Town Square and into Selbourne Road should conform to section 4.5 (‘offroad design principles’ for public spaces etc) in the London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS) and be designed on the basis of high volumes of people walking & cycling. Note that this implies an absolute minimum width for pedestrians and cycle flows of 4.5 metres, and more if formal separation between flows is employed. Furthermore, the route for cycles & pedestrians should offer excellent sightlines to reduce the risks of collisions between foot and cycle traffic.
  • The new scheme should provide plenty of high quality, convenient and inclusive cycle parking with spare capacity to allow for at least a doubling of the current number of cyclists. There should be inclusive cycle parking provision to accommodate cyclists coming from each direction on Selbourne Road and also outside the library.
  • There should be plenty of cycle parking allocated to residents which should include provision for cargo bikes and tricycles. It is important that if these are provided at a basement level there is a suitably sized lift for those unable to cycle up steep ramps.
  • Dedicated inclusive cycle parking for those working in the complex should include access control, access to showers and lockers, a bike pump and tool station, a hair drier and drying racks for rainy weather. The bike parking should be well signed in the back of house areas with information on for employees on to access it.

I hope you find this feedback useful and productive.

Yours sincerely,


Fred Smith (Chair)

Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign


[1] Working Together to Promote Active Travel, Public Health England

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Next WFCC meeting – Tuesday, 25th July

Our next meeting is on Tuesday evening and all cyclists are welcome – 8pm to 9:30pm in the Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street, E17 9AH

1 – Introductions, apologies for absence and appointment of minute taker

2 – Review of minutes of June meeting

3 – LCC feedback & Coordinator’s business

  • Joint meeting with other groups in north-east London.
  • August meeting as a social, rather than an official meeting?

4 – WFCC Rides and Events

  • Ride London plans
  • August Family Bike Club ride – Bridget is away.
  • August WFCC ride – Hainault Forest.
  • Call for ride leaders
  • Could we organise a glamour ride to boost engagement?

5 – Council liaison officers’ report back

  • Feedback on any other Waltham Forest issues

6 – Any other business

7 – Next meeting: 22nd August – possibly a social meeting in a venue TBC. Watch this space…

Any additional items for the agenda please comment below, or email

WFCC is part of the London Cycling Campaign, the world’s largest urban cycling organisation. You don’t need to be an LCC member to attend our meetings, but if you like what we do please consider joining LCC to help support our work. Members also receive a range of benefits, including discounts in many bike shops.

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July Rides and Events in Waltham Forest

Sunday 2 July – 9:30am, Elmfield Road Green, London E17 7HJ
AHEAD Charity Ride

The charity run by our friend and supporter Elfneh Bariso, AHEAD, has planned its annual sponsored bike ride and walk to raise funds to build a hostel for orphan girls in Ethiopia. Please support this excellent event!
Register here.
Donate by PayPal here.
Sponsorship Form.
Single Donation Form.
Thank you very much, in anticipation, for your support.


Sunday 2 July – 11am, The Mill, Coppermill Lane, E17
The Sunday Cycle
Meet outside The Mill in Coppermill Lane at 11am. Return c. 3pm. If you have questions, email Katja on

Sunday 2 July – 10am, Aylmer Road, E11
The E11 / North Star Vélo Social Ride to Matching Green Classic Car show
We’re taking Central Line to Theydon Bois so bring your Oysters and other contactless moluscs, then a pleasant 13-mile ride in the Essex country lanes.
Meet outside McDonald’s in Leytonstone High Street E11 for 10am departure. If you have questions, call Dwight on 07973 131429.

Sunday 9 July – 1pm, Ancient House E17
Walthamstow Family Bike Club’s Open Spaces Ride
A relaxed and enjoyable afternoon travelling by bicycle and exploring the nooks and crannies in and around our borough. Frisbees sometimes materialise when we hit a suitable open space.
We aim to stop off at a café at about half time, but we recommend you bring a snack and some water.
Meet at 1pm at the Orford Road/Church Lane junction, E17 9RW, next to the old postbox opposite the Ancient House … see the map.


Sunday 16 July – 11am, Walthamstow Town Square
Take the Peaceful Route with Nic
Meet from about 10:30 for an 11 o’clock start outside Walthamstow Library / Farmers’ Market.
Join Nic for the peaceful ride over mixed surfaces (be ready for a bit of mud!). The destination and direction of the ride will be discussed at the start and will account for wind speed and direction and may be train-assisted – so take your Oyster or contactless debit card with you.

Sunday 16 July – 2pm, Walthamstow Village Square
Walthamstow Family Bike Club’s Newcomers Ride
This ride around the quiet streets in Walthamstow Village is intended for those new to cycling, including families with young children, and will especially appeal to those who don’t have the stamina or confidence for our longer ‘Open Spaces’ excursions on the 2nd Sunday each month.
Basic skills are necessary: please make sure you are able to pedal and balance, turn corners, and brake to a halt .. all without falling off! If you are not confident about your basic skills, then we can recommend the council’s free cycle training.
We’ll keep together as a group and ‘top and tail’ the ride with marshalls, with an experienced ride leader at the front, and an expert marshall at the back to keep cars out of our convoy. We also have at least one other marshall who cycles on the right hand side of the group to help out with junctions etc.
We meet at 2pm in Walthamstow Village Square at the junction of Eden Road and Orford Road (for a map click here). We finish at the Square around 3:30pm.

Wednesday 19 July – 6:30pm, Walthamstow Town Square
Bridget’s Evening Ride
Join Bridget for an hour’s relaxing riding around the borough, with an optional pub or café settle-down at the end.
Bring your lights as you may need them before the end of the ride!

Sunday 23 July – 10:30am, Walthamstow Town Square
WFCycling Land-Sea-Air Ride
Fly over the Thames with us as we pootle conversationally to the Eminent Air Line which will take us dahn sarf, then back via the Woolwich Ferry. Bring your Oyster or contactless. No more than 30 miles.
Bring food and drink, though we will stop for a snack along the way.
Meet at 10:15 outside Walthamstow Library, for a departure by 10:30. We are usually back by 3-4pm.

Friday 28 July – 6pm, Walthamstow Town Square
Critical Mass
Come to Belvedere Road in the Southbank by 7:30pm to join this energising bike party if you’re already in Central London, or else meet Nic outside Walthamstow Library by 6pm to ride there together.

Saturday 29 July – 9.30am, Walthamstow Town Square
Feeder ride to Ride London
Sign up to the annual car-free ride through central London and travel there safely with us! Meet at 9:15 outside Walthamstow Library, for a departure by 9:30. We will also do a marshalled return ride.





Every Saturday – 8:30am, Leytonstone
North Star Velo Road Rides: easy & medium paced
Whether you want to try road cycling and don’t know how fit you are, or you’re ready for a medium-paced effort, join the club.
Easy rides maximum 30 miles
Medium-paced rides c. 50 miles.
Meet outside McDonalds in High Road Leytonstone.
Back in time for lunch, or a pint at the North Star!

If you would like your ride listed here just get in touch.

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Next WFCC meeting – Tuesday, 27th June

Our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday evening (27th June) and all cyclists are welcome – 8pm to 9:30pm in the Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street, E17 9AH

1 – Introductions, apologies for absence and appointment of minute taker

2 – Review of minutes of May meeting

3 – LCC feedback & Coordinator’s business

  • Joint meeting with other groups in north-east London.

4 – WFCC Rides and Events

  • Ride London plans

5 – Council liaison officers’ report back

  • Feedback on any other Waltham Forest issues

6 – Any other business

7 – Next meeting: 25th July same time, same place!

Any additional items for the agenda please comment below, or email

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